We help businesses and brands increase search engine relevance and prominence in a specific proximity

At 180 Degree, we work with professional service businesses and agencies with a national footprint to reach more local customers with our innovative typed and talked search solutions. We place your business first and provide support services that:

  • Ensure your business appears on page 1 of Google: Improve your search rankings to outrank competitors and be listed in front of more potential customers.
  • Help your customers find you through both typed and voice searches with Voice Search Optimisation.
  • Engage with more local customers via Google Business Profile, driving leads and traffic via calls, clicks and map views.

We have flexible and customisable packages to suit your business objectives and budget.

Our Technologies

Optimised Google Business Profile Listing

Being everywhere all at once has never been so simple. By optimising your Google Business Profile listing with our patented technology, we increase your online presence and local findability for words and search terms relating to your core products and services.

Network technology for multi-location or multi-service brands

This technology gives you the power to generate an interlinking network of pages... to optimise your business in your desired geographic area and areas. It boosts your local SEO and enables your business to have a “billboard on every corner” near where their businesses are located. This technology is the most cost-effective way to drive leads for a multi-location business with powerful local landing pages.

Driving more leads

Our technology will drive more leads directly to your existing digital properties via calls, clicks and map views.

Voice optimised website landing pages

A new innovation to help businesses and brands generate local search rankings and leads.

How it works

Owning top-of-page real estate for profitable keywords is more important than ever. 95% of all search traffic goes to the web properties that are on the first page of Google, but getting to the top is hard. SEO is technical, time-consuming, expensive, and constantly changing. Most businesses have no idea what to do and the knowledge gap is widening.

We simplify local search by combining sophisticated technology with your business data, which is incorporated to create highly optimised pages to capture search rankings, traffic and leads. This technology creates automated SEO that delivers fast results for local business owners, and digital marketing teams and creative agencies.

Why you need to optimise your business for voice search

Voice searches are on the rise and to win in your local marketplace you need to make sure you’re optimising your digital channels accordingly. We specialise in voice search optimisation, and here’s why:

Top 3

Siri suggests the top three Google results when returning a voice search.

Used Weekly

31% of smartphone users worldwide use voice search at least once a week.

58% of ALL search is now by voice

Over 58% of ALL search to find local business information was voice.

#2 Search Choice

Voice search is now the number two choice for mobile search, after the mobile browser.