Privacy Policy

180 Degree Marketing understands the privacy of our clients and customers. Our privacy policy outlines who we are, what we do and how we collect and store information of our clients and customers.

180 Degree Overview

180 Degree Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specialises in marketing technologies.

We are industry leaders in local search and voice optimisation with technology as a result of our partnership with Locafy and Listing Logic.

Based around the country, the 180 Degree Marketing are a team of hard working, dedicated professionals who are committed to working in the best interests of their clients and contacts at all times.

Information collection and why

The only situation where by a customer/site visitor is prompted to provide personal information is when they visit the enquiry form section of the site. The user has complete control of the information they provide and whether or not they wish to submit that information. Information includes name, email address and phone number. We hold this information on a secure email server to market communications information to the users.

  • obtaining, responding to and managing feedback from site visitors
  • providing technical support
  • contacting users with information and updates on our technologies and market insights. Our information and updates may also include information from our partners and other companies.
  • personalising or improving the way 180 Degree Marketing content is presented to you across a range of platforms.

We may also collect information about individuals involved in businesses, and this is mainly for:

  • preparing listings and reviews in our publications (our writers may collect personal information in the course of gathering material for inclusion in our technology products.
  • sending information about 180 Degree Marketing and our products to our media and other industry contacts.
  • If you work for us (as an employee or under contract) we keep information about you in the context of that relationship. There are some differences in how we deal with that type of personal information because of the relationship, plus some housekeeping information. If you are in this group and want further information on how we deal with information about you, please contact Katey:


The security of your personal information is important. 180 Degree Marketing has proper security measures in place to protect your personal information.

Complaints, comments or corrections

You generally have a right to access the personal information 180 Degree Marketing holds about you (although there are exceptions). For some 180 Degree Marketing services you can access your registration and keep your personal information up to date online. To access, correct, or update your other personal information, or if you have any questions about personal information, please contact us by email,

Legal Requirements

The handling activities of the 180 Degree Marketing are governed by privacy laws throughout the world.

In Australia that is guided by the Australian Privacy Principles.

Online newsletters

You want to sign up to a newsletter but you're worried it'll open the floodgates of spam. Here's what we will and won't do if you sign up with us.

180 Degree Marketing collects your email address so we can send you the newsletters you've subscribed to. By registering for the newsletters, you are also signing up to receive emails from 180 Degree Marketing for all exclusive offers and technology updates. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link in the footer of the emails. We will not sell your email address to marketing companies for spamming. But we may need to disclose your email address to contractors who help us provide the newsletter service, and amongst companies in the 180 Degree Marketing family including entities located in a different country to you. You can manage your subscriptions and update your email address through our newsletters page at any time.


By submitting feedback, you may be supplying 180 Degree Marketing with 'personal information'. We collect this information so that we can use your comments to improve our products, acknowledge your contribution in the next edition, and we might even reward the very best feedback. We might edit, reproduce or incorporate your comments in other 180 Degree Marketing products, such as testimonials, websites and digital products, so let us know if you don't want your comment reproduced or your name acknowledged. If you're giving feedback within our online communities, please respect the privacy of others and be respectful generally.

We will not sell your contact details to marketing companies for spamming, but we may disclose information about you to our authors and amongst companies in the 180 Degree Marketing, including to people located in a different country to you. You have some rights to access personal information that we hold about you (but there are exceptions). If you'd like to find out more about this or if you have any questions about how we handle personal information generally, please contact us.

Media activities

In addition to our general privacy policy, the following applies in relation to our journalism and publishing activities.

We collect information from many sources in order to provide the best technology information that we can. In some cases (mainly for preparing listings and reviews in our publications) this will include personal information about individuals (things like the name of an individual who runs a business or works in industry). In order to present unbiased and accurate information and opinion in our travel publications, we cannot always identify ourselves.

If you have any queries regarding personal information, please contact us at