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Achieve the results you want for your professional services business with a structured approach to your business marketing.

If you’re reading this now and think yes! I need this for my business, you can have confidence that in every word we craft of our own is accurately targeted to attract, engage and delight our very own customers - some might say, we practice what we preach.









2 pink circles 180 Degree Marketing Canberra

Why work with 180?

Katey 180 is the Managing Director and business owner herself, who has successfully started and grown the business since it’s inception in early 2016. Working in a number of Marketing Management roles in her 10-year marketing career so far, Katey’s experience working in professional services businesses has thoroughly established her knowledge and skillset to work with other marketing and business professionals in these companies.

With a team of local, national and international resources, the team at 180 is well equipped with experience. Professional Service companies that have annual revenue targets of $5M + are our bread and butter. Ultimately, we understand what it is like to be responsible for growing a professional and technical service business at every stage of its development. We understand the pressures and stress that can come from growth (or lack thereof).

Katey has been a trusted Marketing Manager for many years and understands exactly what a Marketing Manager needs to be, as she was lucky enough to have had marketing and business mentors when she needed them.

Our clients have been at every stage that your business is going through, and we have the experience and skills needed to help you get you and your business to the point you want it to be. We can get you on track and grow your strategic business marketing success if you’re in it for the long haul.

2 pink circles 180 Degree Marketing Canberra

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