capital chemist group

Social Media Growth Statistics

Likes = 368 (Feb) increased to 674 (Dec)

Engagement = 551 (Feb) increased to 956 (Dec)

Website Traffic July (2017-2018)

Users = increase of 543% to 112,000

Sessions = increase of 512% to 166,000

ray white canberra

Facebook Statistics

Engagement = 414 (Jan) increased to 10,451 (Dec)

Total views associated with all content = 18,380 (Jan) increased to 326,523 (Dec).

Ray White Canberra have doubled their size and revenue in the space of 2 years that we have managed their social media marketing.

We cannot attribute their growth on the social media marketing component, however can prove that key statistics have allowed Ray White Canberra to communicate effectively to their target audiences, buyers, sellers and agents to assist with that growth.

baker deane & nutt lawyers

Baker Deane & Nutt lawyers are running a Google Ad words and SEO campaign ongoing. Our ROI metric is to make the phone ring to spark lead generation, key statistics are listed below.

Call conversation statistics / From paid search

February - 15 calls

March - 28 calls

April - 22 calls

May - 55 calls

June - 81 calls

August - 54 calls

September - 69 calls

Summary: Calls as a result of paid search have incrementally risen from 15 in February to 87 in October.

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