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client Katey Johnstone with PKUP team


The entrepreneurial appeal of having the opportunity to work with a company like PKUP, thrilled the team at 180 in late 2019. Founders and operators Josh and Oscar engaged Katey and her team to develop the strategic marketing approach for PKUP to turn the proverbial steering wheel on the start-up business and drive them into their next 12-months of success and growth. PKUP utilised the strategic plan 180 developed to launch their #MoveSafely campaign which was powered by funding from the ACT Government, Roads and Transport Authority in early 2020. The follow on-brand campaign #weliketomoveit was later launched by PKUP to the public with their Think PKUP tagline developed by 180 was launched in tandem with the Government campaigns. PKUP continue to work with 180 as they grow and develop what has now become a strong professional working relationship.

2 pink circles 180 Degree Marketing Canberra

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