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Case Studies - Nitish Kumar

Nitsh Kumar Mortgage Broker in Canberra

How Mortgage Broker from a national franchise achieved $25K worth of leads as a result of digital media marketing in under 6 months.

Beginning his property career as a real estate agent, Nitish Kumar switched to lending, realising he could help more people into home ownership. It wasn’t long before industry publication The Advisor recognised him as one of the Top 30 brokers aged under 30. Determined to continue in his own direction for optimum customer satisfaction, Nitish turned to Ray White Canberra, with whom he has a good relationship going back several years. From there the partnership agreement was forged.

Nitish met Katey from 180 Degree in mid 2019 and quickly formed a strong working relationship through mutual connection, Ben Faulks, CEO of Ray White Canberra. The 180 Degree team took on two aspects of marketing Nitish’s services. Firstly, access to the Ray White Canberra weekly off-market email database of over 16K current buyers (and growing), and the launch of his own Facebook page, branded; Nitish Kumar - Loan Market Canberra. The combination of these digital components have accelerated Nitish’s digital footprint into generating leads for his new business.

As an experienced and passionate broker, Nitish was a likely candidate for strong and consistent content based marketing; "I have been involved in the Canberra Real estate industry since 2010, working as a real estate agent for 6 years prior to starting as a mortgage broker in 2016. Having a background in real estate gives me an understanding of all aspects of buying and selling a property. This allows me to help my clients understand the whole process, and help them make sure there is no surprises along the way and help take the stress away from my clients.’’

With a strong customer centric approach to his business, Nitish was able to gain regular reviews from his clients and build his digital profile to attract more leads. In under 6-months Nitish had lead enquiry from the off-market email, Facebook with links to the Canberra Notice Board.

He has a strong following in property circles, and as a new franchisee he will be widely accessible for home buyers. “Most people are at work during business hours, so we can see them after work in the office. I can do some appointments on Saturday, too,” Nitish says.

Nitish started his own business after he broke away from a firm he had worked with for many years. It’s been a challenging transition in regards to building a new database and establishing meaningful relationships with new clients which is critical in his role as a broker. A strong digital presence is a crucial component to his success.

Nitish has submitted loans worth roughly $12K in income and will lock-in another $6K from the clients on Facebook who he hasn’t lodged a loan for as yet. Nitish is proactive in gathering his own Google Reviews and has received 2 leads as a result of that, plus the website generating 15 leads, a mixture of redirected clicks from Facebook, Google & Real Estate Agent referrals.

$25K of loans have been submitted already and are ready to be submitted for the next 6-months just from these digital leads alone.

Katey has been awesome to work with. She has taken control of all the marketing for my new business and organised absolutely everything including print media, photos, videos and my social media account! - Nitish Kumar, Head Broker, Loan Market Canberra

2 pink circles 180 Degree Marketing Canberra

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