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Case Studies - Mookie Burger

Mookie Burger

How local burger franchise increased their website traffic by 30% within 24 hours.

Mookie Burger are a local burger franchise who were 3 years into their business and needed to enter into a growth phase in order to take their revenue to the next level. The business was yet to open a second location and needed to re-evaluate their strategic position and ensure their next set of marketing output was in line with the company direction to physically expand.

The business did not have a strategic marketing plan in place, the brand positioning was unclear and the digital experience for customers was not user friendly nor did the digital assets lead to sales conversions. The team at Mookie wanted a clear strategic plan, brand and digital audit to accurately inform them as to the key elements of their marketing suite and business offering that they needed to invest in, in order to achieve their business goals. They also needed clarity on specifically what their business goals were and how to prioritise the deliverables in order to achieve them.

‘’We only want to spend money on the marketing that is going to work and give the business a return on investment’’.

We worked closely with the team at Mookie via our strategic marketing workshop process to accurately identify and prioritise the main goals of the business and the desired outcomes. They had tried varying social media strategies and content, minor website updates and regular updates of the menu, though none of these tweaks and changes had an impact on their overall digital presence or sales leads.

Our three-part strategic process involved a 2-hour face-to-face workshop, research and audit based marketing approach with a final

presentation on our findings and recommendations.The owner was surprised to learn of the inconsistencies in digital platforms and marketing messages that we discovered as part of our strategic process. As a result of these findings, we recommended a series of updates that needed to occur on the website before we commenced any kind of additional digital marketing.

The changes were approved by Mookie and briefed into the developers. Our team were able to build additional pages, add in content we’d written as part of the strategic plan as well as launch the strong positioning statement onto the new look site. While the investment in the website was initially a significant decision for Mookie, they understood the importance of the changes as they were backed by market research and analytics. The changes were fundamental to the success of the business who went on to open a second location shortly after the site was live.

Within 24 hours of the new site going live, the website received an increase of 30% traffic. 

"Creative legends! Thank you to Katey and her team, they helped create a beautiful yet premium website that is already receiving more than 30% traffic online! They have also given us a lot of tips as well as guidance on improving our customer experience through the strategic marketing workshop session. I highly recommend using 180 Degree!" - Jaye, Owner, Mookie Burger

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