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Case Studies - Capital Chemist

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How Australian Community Pharmacy Group increased their loyalty database by 74% in 12-months.

The Capital Chemist Group was a franchise business of 39 Pharmacies in May 2017 and needed a strategic marketing plan to leverage the group as a whole into a measurable growth phase with their digital media channels. The limitation was in the capacity of the existing team without a dedicated marketing resource.

The group Marketing Manager had just left the group and they were at a crossroads as to hire for the position again, which hadn’t worked to it’s full effect in any past history, or, engage a Marketing Agency without breaking the bank.

‘We don’t want to hire a full-time resource as it’s not worked effectively in the past, yet we don’t have the budget to engage a full-time agency. We aren’t comfortable committing to and ongoing agreement until we work out exactly what we need.’’

The group were hesitant to engage on an ongoing basis until they were comfortable with the strategic plan we came up with, how we planned to measure return on investment (ROI) and that we were able to understand the group and work concurrently with the Head Office team.

We assured a one-off job in our strategic marketing development and didn’t lock the group in for anything further until we completed this part of the process. The strategic plan uncovered the key areas we needed to focus on as our process involves a heavy research component.

When we presented the strategic plan, we had an in depth discussion on what success looks like and how to best measure this success. Working closely with the Directors we discovered that in order for ROI to be successfully achieved, we needed to increase the loyalty database.

Once we worked out what needed to be achieved, we worked backwards from there. Our strategic plan involved a number of strategies and tactics to achieve the overall goal.

We began discussion around a monthly ongoing marketing subscription model that would be made up of a set amount of hours as a time based model so the group could budget for ongoing work to execute the marketing strategy.

We developed a social media calendar, written content plan and a number of output deliverables to include a regular EDM, Loyalty promotion and catalogue campaigns.

Stores were given access to the content, the promotions and the catalogue content that was all developed and executed by Head Office in close conjunction with the team at 180. A strict approval process was implemented as our content writers were writing Pharmaceutical content.

The strategic plan was effective and the loyalty database increased by 74% in 12-months. three years on from the initial strategic plan, the group has now grown to 51 locations. The group now has an ongoing strategic plan in play and there are always ways to continue to build and improve the group marketing to achieve the goals and objectives of the company.

‘’We have been working with Katey and the team at 180 Degree Marketing since May 2017. They have helped develop and implement our marketing plan and approach to date. We meet regularly to plan, create and execute our content marketing strategy and major campaigns with the team at 180 Degree as our resource.’’ - Andrew Topp, Group Business Manager, Capital Chemist Group Head Office

2 pink circles 180 Degree Marketing Canberra

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