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Why Voice Search Is Your New Secret Ingredient

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Voice Engine Optimisation is a new concept bound by emerging technologies. Search “VEO” on Google and you’ll be presented with hundreds of links to a flashy sports camera, with little to no mention of the VEO we’re discussing today. Although, come to think of it, using the traditional search method of typing V - E - O as opposed to using voice search seems rather ironic.

Surely Apple’s voice-enabled virtual assistant would be more clued in.

“Hey Siri, V E O.”

Unfortunately, Siri couldn’t comprehend what we wanted her to find. Although she did find this information on Vanguard Mid-Cap EFT share pricing — time to reassess our investments, perhaps?

In order for voice engine optimisation to function properly, it needs exactly that: voice search optimisation on everything. Unfortunately, almost every website hosted on the internet lacks the compatibility and, fundamentally, the code (or schema), to do this. This means that when Siri/Alexa/Google/Cortana devices are asked questions by voice, Google can’t find the right information to provide the correct answers.

Any business that’s investing considerable marketing dollars into the cultivation and curation of written and visual content should also consider investing in the development of voice search enabled content.

Marketing managers, account managers, and anyone with a role in developing the success of marketing campaigns are well versed in the importance of developing content that talks to the key digital platforms that leverage lead generation for their clients. Words, phrases and acronyms that might ring a bell include:

  • SEO
  • Google Ad Words Campaign
  • Keyword campaign
  • Digital content marketing
  • SEM
  • Social media advertising

While we continue to invest time, energy and resources into these platforms, they do not lose their place in the digital marketplace. While they remain a key part of the overall marketing mix, expanding them into the world of voice compatibility secures their ongoing success.

Think of digital marketing for business as baking a cake: in order for the cake to taste good and have a pleasant consistency, there are internal elements and external forces that have to work together to achieve the desired outcome.

Let’s look at them in detail:

The ingredients: the eggs, flour, milk and butter = written content, photo content, video content, and voice content

The facilitators: the baking tray, baking paper, and the oven = website, social media channels and Google

The attention seekers: the temperature gauge, timer, and human = SEO, SEM, and VEO

Failure to meet one of the components of success means that your cake will be lacklustre at best; and a baking train wreck at worst.

VEO may be one of the many components of the marketing mix, but it’s a necessary piece to contribute to the overall success of your business's digital marketing.

To learn more about VEO and how to implement voice search into your marketing plan contact us today.

Author: Katey
Date Published: 06 04 2020
Date Reviewed: 06 04 2020
Category: Blog
Topic: Voice Search
2 pink circles 180 Degree Marketing Canberra

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