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VEO Is The New CEO Of Marketing

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Who runs a successful company? Typically, it’s a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with an innate ability to lead people and decisions, take control of situations, have difficult conversations. It’s someone who can draw on their extensive knowledge and experience, and find the solutions to achieving corporate objectives.

You may be thinking, “yes, that sounds like the general job description of a CEO, but what on earth does a VEO do?”

Well, they are typically powered by a human voice, have an innate ability to lead people and their decisions, and take control of situations that are voiced to them. They have difficult conversations, distil vast information into a logical solution, and search through a database of knowledge and content for the right answers to achieve objectives.

VEO stands for Voice Engine Optimisation, and it’s powered by voice search compatibility software.

How is it relevant for successful companies? Here are some facts to get you started:

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Author: Katey
Date Published: 15 04 2020
Date Reviewed: 15 04 2020
Category: blog
Topic: Voice Search
2 pink circles 180 Degree Marketing Canberra

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