Unlocking The Secret To Keywords


Sep 25

| 5 min

There's a lot of talk about keywords in the world of digital marketing. It's ineffective to filter random words on your digital channels. Creating compelling content is about providing real value for real people, it's much more than just sending hints to our good friend, Google.

Here we quickly explain how keywords work and most importantly how you can improve the volume of searches your business appears in each month.

In simplistic form, keywords are specific sets of terms that describe the content of a page. They act as identifiers to the search engine that display search results in accordance with the user's initial search terms, giving them a sense of the content before viewing. For example, if a consumer types “where to buy a car” in the Google search bar, then the keyword or key phrase is “buy car”. On the basis of searched keywords, Google will display the search results related to these terms. Hence, it becomes very important to understand what keywords are in digital marketing and their importance in generating leads for your business.

Keywords work to develop the best connection possible between your brand and a specific set of keywords. So when a customer conducts online searches containing those keywords, you 're giving your business the best chance to be displayed. The critical point here is concentrating on how prospective customers seek information and give them what they are looking for. The first major hurdle is getting into prospective customers' minds. Who are they? How are they searching? What details do they seek to help them make a purchase decision? If you're engaging the wrong keywords, your business will fail to capture your target customer because your text doesn't align with what they are actively looking for. But if you incorporate the keywords that people are searching for, your business can reach new heights.

Although you want your business to appear for as many keywords as possible, the probability is that your business will generate the majority of its online traffic from three to five keywords. Take real estate as an example, the most popular keywords for this industry are – Real Estate Agency (Canberra), Best Real Estate Agents (Canberra), Property Management Company (Canberra).

So how do you give yourself the best possible chance of appearing for your keywords?

Social media:

Try to include your keywords when creating your social media post they may also be included in your unique set of hashtags.


Your keywords should be mentioned as many times as possible without looking like spam within your website's textual content. Inside your website, you can also update your meta tags and alt tags to mention your keywords. Meta tags define what is in a page to search engines and ALT tags define what ought to be correlated with a particular image.

Content writing:

Writing blogs assists in creating a strong link between your business and keywords, it also gives you the opportunity to express thought leadership.

Keyword research needs not to be technical or terrifying – think common sense, think people, and how they search and getting it right for the search engines will fall into place naturally.

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