This Is What Your Business Needs To Be Heard Online


Sep 25

| 7 min

Today’s internet is largely empty of voice search capability. It’s a void that needs to be rapidly filled by a digital services ecosystem that encompasses web development, web hosting, search engine optimisation (SEO), and digital advertising.

Tens of thousands of established companies including online directories, digital agencies and data publishers, are not voice search ready. This renders them effectively invisible to voice search.

This begs the question, “how do we fix the internet?”

Build a voice page.

Voice pages provide a simple, cost-effective solution for voice search enabled web pages.

Moboom Voice Pages make it easy:

  • They’re physical web pages with voice-enabled search built into their DNA to boost organic search results across traditional search and voice.
  • They complement existing digital presence solutions, as opposed to replacing them.
  • They’re easy to deploy for both single business location or automated for scale (i.e, multiple locations).
  • Can be template driven or client-branded (you choose).

“If it’s so simple, can’t anyone just do this?” Well no, because you can’t just copy us!

Our technology is patented

Moboom’s Patent has the ability to publish any amount of any type of content on any device.

This makes Moboom a powerful publishing engine that can ingest any type of data feed — manual or programmatic — and ensure that both the content delivery and display is device-specific.

What’s more, any third party widget can seamlessly interact with the website content.

The applications of Moboom extend far beyond the production of websites for small business owners.

Let’s talk integration

Voice pages can:

  • Be built from a template with content manually added.
  • Integrate with any CMS, including citation management solutions (Yext).
  • Be custom-built using any coding language to suit your branding guidelines.
  • Be mass-produced from structured data sets in an automated process.
  • Be managed centrally or individually, or a combination of both.
  • Use any URL structure desired by your business.

Is your business ready to listen? To learn more about voice search compatibility software and how to implement voice search into your marketing plan, contact us today.

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