How to drive leads with the power of the spoken word

Katey Johnstone

Aug 30

| 5 min

Few things are as powerful as the spoken word. Unfortunately, the internet can’t hear you. You could blame it on the ignorance of Siri, Alexa and Google, but the truth is that the responsibility for the lag in interpretation falls on businesses and digital marketers. You may wonder, “if the internet can’t hear us, then how will it know to find what we’re looking for?”
Well, it’s not just voice search that fuels the internet, it’s the management of accurate data and information that we feed it. There are many digital platforms that we use to host and store information: Yelp, Google, Facebook, Snapchat, True Local, Bing, and Yahoo to name but a few. On the surface, keeping all of them updated seems an audacious task — but imagine if there was a simple solution?

Enter: citation management software.

Citation management and voice search software collect citations from various sources, organises them, and compiles them into a bibliography or list of works cited. The voice component allows businesses to improve their SEO ranking and be continually optimised for organic search. This software integrates with more than 40 third-party platforms, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, and Facebook. The technology manages all citations and locations from a single platform and is most effective for businesses with multiple locations who are strategically focused on content-based marketing.

What makes all this important? It offers a host of benefit to your business, including:

  • Successfully blocking competition on the first page of Google results – without any additional spend on AdWords.

  • Each landing page is built for voice search as well as optimised for SEO results, offering your business the first-mover advantage over competitors in the market.
  • A significant point of difference over your competitors in appealing to voice searches.
  • A greater investment value. The monthly average investment required is a fraction of what you’d spend on Google AdWords, website hosting, ongoing development and upkeep of content onto a custom website.
  • A level of new lead generation for businesses which is all 100% trackable and measurable.

Is your business ready to listen? To learn more about voice search compatibility software and how to implement voice search into your marketing plan, contact us today.

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