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We bring inspiration and functional marketing growth strategies to Australian companies in Professional Service industries with technology.

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What we do best.

180 Degree specialise in strategic lead generation growth strategies for franchise model companies with a national presence and multiple locations. We provide access to world-class patented Voice search technology and facilitate revenue growth for professional service companies with annual revenue targets over $5M.

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Our purpose is to provide businesses in Professional Services industries with lead generation and retention growth strategies in companies with a team(s) of 50 or more employees. Our strength is to work with franchise model companies who have annual revenue targets over $5M.

Our service delivery is designed to meet the needs of the company owner and their internal marketing team(s). We thrive with owners and founders who are born innovators and appreciate the value that digital marketing and technology brings to facilitating growth in companies who invest to expand.

Our services include proven marketing and business growth methods, combined with access as required to creative agency resources including three key top tier technology partnerships. We only work with the best photographers, animation specialists and videographers and a range of talented and uniquely creative graphic designers where required.

Our Professional Services client base has experienced measurable growth in their companies as a result of our strategic marketing approach and in-depth analysis of existing teams and marketing systems. We diagnose and identify the growth mechanics of these businesses to achieve growth and streamlined process.

We speak the language of business and have a thorough understanding of how the fundamental function of teams and growth goals can impact business success.

Our 10 years of experience drive us to fulfil an untouched niche in the marketing industry to provide inspiration and functional marketing growth strategies to franchise model businesses in Professional Service industries with Voice and lead generation technologies.

Our experienced team will explore, advise, implement and review the most effective way to drive leads and retain clients for your company using sophisticated technology solutions. The generation of leads is not always purely B2C; we explore your business deeply enough to provide advice on the most appropriate forms of content marketing to attract, engage and delight your ideal customers in a B2B forum. As a result of our process-driven approach, oftentimes customers fall into categories such as recruitment, internal marketing resources and content creators, all of which our processes and diligence will be able to accurately identify. 


Learn how to apply our digital strategies for lead generation and attach them to the core of your business, to create strong-yet-sustainable business growth.

Our tailored and dynamic subscription model options are ideal for clients who need digital and content resourcing but are unsure if they need to invest in a full-time in-house resource. Our client subscriptions have been customised for companies with ties to national and international footprints.

From $5M to $100M+ businesses, we have aided in the development of digital marketing strategies and built long-term relationships with companies who deliver specialised professional services of their own. These companies have strong management teams, multiple locations and a variety of business structures.

Voice search technology
Digital Reporting + Analysis
Digital technology lead generation tools
Written + Video Content Creation
Website, Brand + Marketing Audits
Network Marketing (Grow Your Client Base with the Help of ours)

Your business will have access to


An integrated combination of CRM and task-based management tools for your team to use daily.


Ongoing access to our dedicated Marketing Manager who is available to manage the day-to-day marketing related tasks with or without your team.


Quarterly digital reports to inform evidence-based marketing strategies ongoing.


Access to 1-on-1 growth sessions with Katey Johnstone, Managing Director of the business who has successfully executed the Marketing Manager role in a number of highly scalable businesses locally and nationally in Australia.

How is your business listed online?

Check the health of your online business information with help from our listings scan. Instantly see how your most critical location data appears on Google, Yelp, Facebook and dozens more maps, apps, search engines, and directories.



You are the main operator of the business & you have to keep "running everything".


We teach you how to generate consistent lead generation through marketing strategy while building a marketing team to do all the work for you.


That other businesses with bigger and better resources are going to cut into your marketplace and you won't have a plan to combat this challenge.


We help you develop a business marketing plan and develop a management team to run it without you within 12 months.


To have a lifestyle stage business with more time and money to develop a highly valuable asset. Key accountable people in the business can run and a streamlined marketing strategy without paying huge agency fees for disjointed work.


First, we help you set them. Learn how successful business owners create a high growth business, that generates regular leads so you can have your work life balance back and a streamlined marketing process in place.

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We run specialised focus groups and surveys upon request.

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